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New Year, New Host:

So after a long time away, I returned to find out that my host had to close down shop. We had a great time being host and hostee, and I was sadden by having to find a new home for my etcg Post. So startying today actually I have moved from Hosting my TCG post with the AMAZING Cami, to my new host NINA! I am so happy to be hosted again.
So for the next few days, my tcg post will be in transition. So if things seem a bit off with my pages it is because I am switching over! Everything should be done and finallized by Monday! Tuesday for sure! <-- Yeah I was able to finish it today! YAY!

Check out my Host over at Magical-Me!

NOTICE: Hey everyone, I am so so sorry that it took me so long to come back from my hiatus. I was hoping to be back in November but Life kicked me in the butt and caused me to not be able to come back soon enough. I am looking to play catch up now. Thank you all. 12-1-18

Hosted by the Wonderful Nina, Over at Magical-Me!